"1-Hour VIP Strategy Call!"

Sometimes having a store and a course is not enough, there are many other questions that will show up and you can lose weeks and months on research. One call of 1-hour can literally save you 6 months of struggle... 

BEFORE: $200.00

TODAY ONLY: $99.00

Read what you get in more details below...

1) Getting your first sale

First thing that we're going to focus on a call is how to get your first sale as soon as possible. I guarantee you that this will be one of the best feelings ever for you!

2) Prepare for scaling

We will cover what to do after your first sale. The first one is fun, and after you start selling there will be many other things you will need to know in order to scale beyond that.

3) Scaling your store

This is the really fun part. We are going to cover how to handle dozens of orders per day and how to handle multiple thousands dollars in revenue per day like some of the best dropshippers in the world (picture below).

4) Any unresolved questions

As always, you will have questions for me which is normal, so we will leave a small part of these consultations to go over them and answer anything that's interesting for you.